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Coaching Psychology

'Toward success and fulfilment with well-being'

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SILM® Coaching Psychology

Life, Executive, Management & Team Coaching online

'Know thyself' Socrates

Assessment & Development

Qualified and registered with the British Psychological Society PTC

Team Coaching

Meld individual strengths into a creative dynamic team

Knowledge Base

To support Personal and Team Development

SILM® Coaching

SILM® is conceptual framework applied in coaching psychology practice toward success and fulfilment with well-being.
  • Developing self-knowledge to maximize potential
  • Balance 'creativity with practicality' and 'emotion with reason' to take advantage of strengths
  • Meld individual strengths into a creative, dynamic, team

Free Introductory Program*

Research has shown that the coaching relationship is central to successful outcomes.

We therefore offer a FREE Introductory online program for you to decide if the SILM® approach and coach are right for you.

There is no obligation to complete the Introductory Program or to continue with coaching after completion.

Email: intro@silm.co.uk

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